We believe you must develop and protect the brain, not just the body.

As most of you know, one of the main premises upon which CCB Velotooler is founded is promoting an ongoing post-secondary education with all of our riders. We believe you must develop the brain, not just the body. That said, you must protect that brain as well, which is why we are so excited to announce Catlike helmets as our official helmet supplier for the 2017 season.

Keeping with the theme of having an option for all situations, Catlike affords us flexibility for the widely varying weather conditions we race in all over the world. The Mixino is one of the safest, most well-ventilated, and lightest helmets in the world and has a number of grand tour wins to its credit. Given that we pride ourselves on the harsh weather of New England and classics racing, the Catlike helmets Cloud352 aero road helmet, with its vented shell for warmer days and “velodrome” shell for colder days and maximum aerodynamics really let us fine tune our equipment selection for any given day. And with our reputation for producing good time trial riders, having several TT helmets we can choose from for our riders’ varying TT positions, the Rapid, Rapid Tri, and Chrono WT gives our team every advantage possible in the race of truth.

We are very excited this once “largely-only-available-in-Europe” helmet has made a big commitment to grow its brand in the US, and that we can be part of that growth, especially as they are a part of the Vittoria family here in the US who are also our tire suppliers. We keep saying it, but CCB is family, and its great to see this kind of “family” collaboration!

from Vittoria Industries North America Vice President of Marketing and Product, Ken Avery:
“With the addition of Catlike Helmets (in addition to Vittoria tires), CCB brings the relationship further, and continues the path of celebrating European based cycling culture at the top level in the USA.”

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