CCB started out briefly as a small elite race program… The team was a sister club to Cycle Club Basinstoke… a British club.
The jersey is essentially a copy of the Gan jersey from the 70s. It was the jersey of Raymond Poulidor among other French racing giants. This jersey has become the trademark of the team as well as being the easiest jersey to spot in a group.
This original elite program faded quickly and CCB essentially morphed into a local club… starting around 1980… frequent local rides, some racing, mostly a north shore group who met for group rides several times a week. Many of these riders are still very active and have become long time friends… Longest term member was the beloved John Green… who passed away on a bike ride in 2015… sadly missed by all still.. John ” The Master ” was always the heart and soul of the club.

In 1988… along came a few very talented junior riders… led by Erich Kaiter.
Steve Pucci… a bike shop owner at the time… as well as a frequent rider.. decided the time was right to spend a little focus on the junior talent.. taking them to a bunch of races for several years..
Kaiter was possibly the most talented rider I have ever seen… He could do everything on the bike. And he brought his high school roommate along for the ride… Tyler Hamilton.
It was a great junior team.. they won everything and they set the direction of the club as a true elite racing club that has continued to this day. Erich , Tyler, The MacEachran brothers, Matt Sudduth, Chris Davenport… quite a set of talented riders.

The next really strong elite team came around when Tim Johnson grew the program.. Shawn McCormack, Amos Brumble and Tim were integral to a really strong program for several seasons… The boys won a lot of races. They were one of the top rated team in the country for a couple of those years… including pro teams. High regard for an amateur program. TJ drove the team for a number of years.. and then successfully moved straight into a professional career. Well done Tim!

Dylan, Cameron, Chad, Gavin, Tim M, Will D and more have continued the tradition and built upon a solid foundation. This is recent history and important as we continue forward… These guys have delivered tremendous team results over the last years.
The team continues to thrive…and continues to race around the world and achieve education goals as a part of the program. Very important to us.

It is important to note that the CCB Program has been led by a group of elite riders who now race masters.
These riders are really the heart and soul of this club/ team. Without them it is very likely that this team would have disappeared somewhere in the haze of the last 35 years.Tyler Munroe, Paul Richard, Jim Nash, Tommy Mannion, Mark Hagen, Barry Boyce and Ciaran Mangan have led by example and truly have showed the young guys how to race but more importantly how to behave and how the sport fits in their lives. These are crucial elements and I am always grateful to these guys for their guidance and support.

I’ve spent quite a few hours over the year on general logistics for the club/ team. It is the warmth of long term friendships that keeps me moving. Its been a fun ride. It is important to note that riders are selected based on character as well as racing accomplishment. I am very proud of our record of supporting top quality people as well as racers.

Steve Pucci

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