Why would you want to work with Velotooler if you are a bicycle company or a team?

Velotooler is building a workforce of independent mechanics available to you with today’s technology. The web platform and mobile app allows us to connect bicycle owners with our mechanics and then dispatch the mechanics directly to customers’ homes or workplaces for service work. This same system allows Velotooler to help bicycle companies increase their margins on direct sales, while solving the customer service conundrum faced by consumers who purchase their bicycles through a third party.

Why not traditional shops or Velofix and Beeline solutions? Velotooler is largely scalable solution with already more than 200 hundreds mechanics that go through a platform venting process to be allowed to offer their services on the platform. Before having their Velotooler profile activated, the mechanic is required to have a full business insurance policy; said policy allows the individual mechanics to offer the same liability coverage as any brick and mortar or mobile shop. Unlike traditional mechanic franchises,aside of a business insurance policy if the mechanic does not have one, Velotooler does not require other startup costs. It also has a convenient on demand schedule that allows service work to easily fit into the mechanic’s weekly routine.

Velotooler also creates a unique “bicycle page” for each registered bicycle, paired with a user profile, enabling a bicycle company to connect with its customer, unlike in the past where once the bicycle was sold the customer was often “out of sight out of mind”. Soon it will be possible to inform users of important issues in today’s market such as recalls and warranty service. A professional cycling team can use Velotooler to register its bicycles to protect theft. Each Velotooler bicycle profile has a stolen button that can have its status changed to stolen, notifying the the web community about a lost bicycle with shared profile details. Just like CCB Velotooler, other teams can upload their bicycles Velotooler and Velotooler’s team manager feature can allow the manager to keep track of all repairs and parts needed for the team’s bicycles. Having the bicycles registered on Velotooler also allow teams to hire mechanics on demand for their racing and training events, no matter where.

Velotooler makes everyone’s life in the industry easy by transforming issues that to solve usually involve many emails, phone calls, and potentially drives, into problems that can be solved in a matter of clicks. Velotooler  also offers IT solutions for those looking to digitalize their business model.

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