Our Program

CCB Racing fields both an active racing team at the UCI Continental and USAC domestic level, and a club for non-racing cyclists. A big focus of the organization is the U23 squad, supported by the CCB Cycling Education Foundation, Inc 501(c)(3) non-profit, which requires all of CCB’s U23 riders to be pursuing a post-secondary education of some type.

This CCB Racing team has received invitations to, and raced in world-class races in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, France, UK, Canada, and China as well as all across the USA.  In addition to the elite/UCI Continental team, CCB has a number of USAC-licensed Cat 1-4 cyclists that race regularly throughout the US (primarily in New England).

The 200+ member CCB club works well as the broad base of support for its racing team, providing long-term stability that is so often lacking in the US cycling community.  While many of the CCB club members do not actively race, they regularly hold their own, even with the the racing team’s riders, on the club’s energetic racing-style group rides!  CCB is, and always has been, about family and community; we are very proud of the part we play in both our local community and the greater global cycling community.

CCB Family