Education Through Athletics – The primary focus of the organization is developing our U23 and U25 riders, supported by the CCB Cycling Education Foundation, Inc 501(c)(3) non-profit, which requires all of these riders to be pursuing a post-secondary education of some type while part of or program. Education Through Athletics is not limited to balancing classes and bike racing; the bike racing itself, the camaraderie the travel, the the exposure to different cultures, places, people, and customs are all an educational experience on their own. In a world where globalization is increasing at a dramatic rate, where having a sense of your “place in the world” will be exceptionally important, and where sport is often the common ground upon which relationships are formed, the importance of education through athletics cannot be overestimated.

In 2018 we are joined by Foundation Cycling club, another 501(c)(3) organization with a great history out of the New York City area who have been instrumental in supporting financially disadvantaged riders from the US, as well as Central and South America, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue cycling at the highest levels.

Sicleri, an Italian cycling and ski clothing company also some on board as a major partner for the team; their long history of producing quality performance and technical wear over several sports made them a natural fit for our team as they enter the US market for the first time. This is a true family company, and to see the passion with which the Tessarolo family designs and crafts every piece of clothing that bears the Sicleri name, there was an immediate and strong mutual appreciation for sense of family and history in each of our organizations.

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